What is VCEFL looking for in businesses?

Management / Controlling Shareholders

Integrity – The integrity and reputation of the business partners must be unquestionable.

Total Commitment/Entrepreneurial Passion – Hard working, ambitious people/management that can get the job done. Businesses with a desire to grow, or new businesses with an entrepreneurial focussed person.

Track Record – Experienced owner and management team with a proven track record in the relevant industries.

Financial Partnership – The business owner/entrepreneur must have a significant financial stake/contribution to the deal.

Congruent Goals – No goals or interests that conflict with the VCEFL mandate.

Company and Product/Service

A brilliant idea, technology application or service that can be commercialized and is scalable. The demand for the product or service must be proven.

Competitive Edge – A business strategy that offers a strong sustainable competitive advantage. The company should have an identifiable competitive edge within the industry and offer strong sales potential of the product/service.

Market Potential – The Company should offer a strong sales potential for the product/service. There should be high market growth potential.


A reasonable price per share.

Size – Equity investment between $500,000 and $5 million; and representing no more than 50% of the common shareholding of the company.

Target Market – A large and/or rapidly expanding market. Investments should be within the sectors and industries identified.

Identifiable Exits– There must be a well-defined exit strategy.