Budget Sub-Committee

The Budget Sub-Committee is tasked with managing and monitoring the organization’s budgetary priorities, goals, and the changes in revenue and spending necessary to achieve those goals. The members of the Budget Sub-Committee are:

Carlos Hazel — Convenor
Simone Hall
Denese Toby-Quashie

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee works in tandem with the General Manager to deliver the full range of investment responsibilities, strategic vision and to provide accountability to the Board of Directors and the Shareholder. The Investment Committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors to act in an advisory capacity, however, ultimate responsibility for investment recommendation lies with the Board.

This committee comprises of members of the Tobago business community as well as two members of the VCEFL Board of Directors. These professionals use global best practices adapted to Tobago’s economic experiences and realities to manage seed capital provided by VCEFL shareholders and investors. The members of the Investment Committee are:

Mary-Ann Brathwaite-Leonce – Chairman
Waltnel Sosa
Vassel Stewart
Denese Toby-Quashie