The Investment Decision Process

Below is the five step process that an application goes through before an investment decision is made:

  1. Initial Review and Screening: The business plan presented to Venture Capital Equity Fund Limited (VCEFL) is reviewed by VCEFL management, where primary analysis is done. A due diligence is conducted to ensure that every aspect of the company is described in the business plan. One on one conversations and meetings are also conducted at this stage to ensure that ideas presented in the business plan are clear, and any misconceptions corrected. This step allows the entrepreneur to present a pitch to VCEFL management in an effort to secure funding.
  2. Review by the Investment Committee: The business plan and primary analysis is then reviewed by the Investment Committee. Due diligence is also conducted at this stage and additional information and clarifications may be requested. Ultimately this Committee makes investment recommendations to the Company’s Board of Directors.
  3. Review and Decision by the Board of Directors: The VCEFL Board of Directors then examines the business plan, analyses and Investment Committee recommendations. Meetings with the entrepreneur will also take place at this stage to negotiate the number and value of equity shares to be purchased.
  4. Secretary for Finance and the Economy: The VCEFL Board of Directors then presents the investment proposal to the Secretary of the Division of Finance and the Economy who will then prepare an Investment Note which presents the particulars of the proposal for presentation to the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Executive Council.
  5. THA Executive Council: Final approval for the equity investment and release of the funding is sought at this stage. The Secretary for the Division of Finance and the Economy presents the investment proposal to the THA Executive Council for decision.