THA unveils $4.3 billion budget

Finance Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Joel Jack yesterday presented a $4.3 billion budget.In his maiden budget presentation, which lasted approximately three hours, Jack complained that Tobago is being short changed by the Central Government. He said the financial shortfalls have affected several development and social programmes and forced the THA to dip into its reserves.”Total expenditure by the Tobago House of Assem-bly in fiscal 2012 amounted to $2,271,486,114. Recurrent expenditures represented $1,478,398,215 of the total and development programme expenditures amounted to $411,508,448. Contingencies Account expenditure and other operating expenditure amounted to $271,466,026 and $25,198,085 respectively,” he said.”Total expenditure in-creased by $273,102,800 in fiscal 2012 –equivalent to a 14 per cent increase over the pre-vious year,” he said.