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Over 50% of all working Tobagonians rely on Government (THA) employment. The Tourism and Hospitality Industry is the other major area of employment concentration. These figures suggest that a serious vulnerability exists and that some urgent action is necessary to mitigate the inevitable economic shocks. Put another way, the absence of a vibrant and sustainable private sector in Tobago at this time raises questions of the propensity and capacity to generate real growth and a better way of life for Tobagonians, and therefore the state must intervene to partner with the private sector in relationships to address this imbalance.

In this current difficult economic and financial environment, private sector investment has receded globally and this is no different in Trinidad and Tobago. Thus this strengthens the case in Tobago particularly for intervention by the government where the limited private sector is under severe stress. Obviously this raise questions of “risks and returns”, the preparedness of business people in Tobago, cultural issues etc, etc. The VCEFL is not oblivious to these challenges. In fact these are at the cornerstone of the approach which accepts as pre-conditions the matters of ongoing business training, business management and the governance issues.

Tobago is virgin territory in many ways when it comes to business potential and therein lies unlimited opportunities for the resourceful and savvy entrepreneurs. VCEFL stands ready to assist and empower quality Tobago business initiatives.


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