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Preferred Investment Sectors

The review of the performance of the Trinidad & Tobago economy during 2011, revealed an economy that is primed for both Foreign Direct and Domestic investments and an environment that is conducive to venture capital investments. These sectors that have been targeted at the national level are being supported by financial and material resources and fiscal incentives to ensure success. Potential investment sectors include agriculture including niches in high-yield, organic, high-quality crops and livestock, alternative energy, tourism and hospitality, biotechnology, health tourism, and light manufacturing. Other sectors that can provide the impetus for market development and access include:

  • Information Technology: Smartphone Apps, Assembly Plants, Computer Programming, Web Designing, Website Hosting, Telemarketing
  • Entertainment: Movie Production, TV/Radio Production, Performers, Musicians, Song writers
  • Carnival Arts: Designers, Bands Production, Costume-making, Graphic Artists,
  • Security Services: GPS Tracking, Cameras, Alarms, Monitoring, Personal Security
  • Hotels & Restaurants: Conferences & Events, Catering,
  • Professional Services: Engineering, Architecture, Interior Designs
  • Environmental Services: Cleaning, Waste management, Bio-gas production
  • Green Technology: Alternative energy production, recycling, conservation,
  • Agriculture: Agro-processing, Green Houses, Nurseries, Hatcheries, Meat Processing, Aquaculture
  • Energy: Rig services, Construction, Bio-fuels, Spill & Clean-ups
  • Education: Remedial Ed, VOC Training, Tertiary Ed, Medical Schools
  • Tourism: Marinas, Tour Guides, Transportation, Water Sports, International Competitions, Medical, Ecotourism

One of the single most critical elements for the ability of the VCEFL to achieve its goal is to have a sustained quality deal flow of potential portfolio companies. These companies or qualified investee companies (QICs) must meet the requirements laid out under the Venture Capital Act and fit the VCEFL’s investment criteria detailed below.


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